Weight Loss

You can lose weight without caffeine dependency. Besides eating healthy, drinking water and exercising, you can use some of the following supplements. Keep in mind that you don’t need to have any of the below products to lose weight but they may help. Losing weight is simply calories in versus out.


MuscleTech Hydroxycut Caffeine FreeOne of the best weight loss supplements of all time is HydroxCut so they were bound make a caffeine free version sometime. The reviews are all over the place so your results may vary. Either way, if you need a diet pill this would be worth a look. Be sure to follow proper dosages regardless of what the reviewers say.

Genius Burn – 2-In-1 Focus Enhancing Thermogenic Fat Burner


This is the second The Genius Brand product on the site but this time it’s their weight loss supplement. The Genius Brand tends to focus on natural ingredients and no fillers. They also claim that this product can be stacked with others like their pre-workouts for an even greater affect.



The idea that you can combine weight loss while sleeping better seems really appealing so that’s why Sheer SHRED PM is on the list. This formula is stimulant-free and the company offers a guaranteed results or your money back. Always nice to see that!


Uncle Lee’s China Green Dieters Tea Caffeine Free

No weight loss would be complete without tea, caffeine free of course. This tea was one of the higher rated ones to be found.