Caffeine free Pre-Workouts are finally gaining some ground. Keep in mind that while these don’t have caffeine they will still have loads of vitamin B and other energy inducing ingredients that might become addictive with prolonged use. Always be sure to cycle off pre-workout for a week or two every few weeks of use.

BSN N.O. XPLODE Caffeine Free

This will be one of the most popular caffeine free options for you considering the regular version of this pre-workout has over 1,000 reviews. Be sure you select the caffeine free option when checking out. There’s creatine in this formula so no need to stack with other creatine. gave 4.4/5 stars out of 15 reviews at the time of this posting.

GENIUS Pre Workout

Genius Pre is a more natural approach to a pre-workout. They don’t have caffeine in this blend and there’s no red #40 dye which is unique to see. You’ll want to stack with some creatine since this does not have it. Otherwise, this seems like an awesome formula if you’re looking for a clean pre-workout.

PEScience High Volume (Caffeine Free)

High Volume is stimulant free so like Genius Pre, it’s going to need to be stacked with creatine if you want that intake. The Cotton Candy and Paradise Cooler flavors are highly praised. If it’s too sweet just add some more water and you should be good to go.

GAT PMP (Peak Muscle Performance)

PMP is another stim / creatine free formula that is well reviewed. The company itself makes the Nitraflex supplement which has over 1300 reviews with most being positive. Assume they know what they’re doing with this one.


If you’re going to get a pre-workout without creatine then consider stacking with some. The highest number of reviews for a creatine goes out to BulkSupplements who gives a great value for serving ratio. You can select different sized bags to compliment how often you workout.