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Spike Energy Drinks Increasing Popularity?

Here at Caffeine Free Living we’re dedicated to providing alternative ways to live without caffeine in your life. There’s been an influx of higher caffeinated beverages readily available in gas stations and supermarkets but almost none of these drinks have over 300mg of caffeine in 16 ounces. Spike Energy does however, sitting at 350mg of caffeine in 16 ounces and includes other stimulants.

There’s generally 160mg of caffeine (some Monster drinks) to 240mg caffeine (some Rockstar drinks) that are common place but now there’s the increasing popularity of Spike Energy showing up at gas stations. Most people may not know but Spike Energy is generally used as a pre-workout for athletes to push further in their training, not a regular energy drink to be used at the office as if it were a coffee replacement.

Please read the warning labels or skip these energy drinks completely. You can naturally boost energy levels and avoid crashes along with mood alterations by eating living the caffeine free lifestyle which is: Sleeping adequate amounts, eating healthy and exorcising. Best of luck and be sure to spread the word about the benefits of living caffeine free!

Two Students Almost Die..

In case you haven’t heard of the study you can read more at the following link: Study Link

The story was covered by HighTimes. Basically these students were giving way too much caffeine and ended up in intensive care. There’s been studies that you can safely have up to 400mg of caffeine if you’re a healthy adult, these two students had 30 grams. Not sure if that number is combined or each but either way that’s an insane amount.

The odds you’ll consume that much are basically impossible but it’s not actually too difficult to go over 400mg. 2 regular Rockstar Energy drinks would be 480mg, already over the limit. So start cutting back and getting caffeine free replacements.